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Help Me Ring Reminder FAQ

A few questions and answers about Help Me Ring Reminder for Android Phones

1. How do I use the notification alarm tones?

Notification tones for reminders can be selected on the Settings page. These tones are played as alarms, which means they will sound even when your phone is silenced. For recent versions of Android, you can control the volume of the alarms from the volume control buttons. If you find them too intrusive, select "None" for the reminder notification ringtone! These alarm tones are turned off by default when you install the app but are available to use if you need a more forceful reminder.

2. I turned my volume off by the volume buttons but Help Me Ring Reminder didn't set the reminder when I did it. What happened?

There are two ways we know of that this can happen, and unfortunately we can't prevent them. If you open your phone's Settings page, then go to the Manage Apps page you can "Force Stop" Help Me Ring Reminder. Google warns you that some apps misbehave if you do this, and our app is one of them. We rely on the Android system to notify us when ringer volume changes occur, and if you "Force Stop" Help Me Ring Reminder, then Android stops delivering these messages to the app.

The same problem occurs if Help Me Ring Reminder encounters a bug and crashes. In this case, you'll get a message on your phone saying "Unfortunately, Help Me Ring Reminder has stopped."

Fortunately, the fix is simple and the same for both cases: just re-open the Help Me Ring Reminder app! Once you do, Android will resume sending these notifications to our app, and the app will also check immediately to see if a reminder or auto ringer reset should be scheduled.

3. I turned the reminder vibrate switches on but I'm not getting vibrations when the reminders occur. Why?

This will happen if you silence your phone completely. If you want reminders to vibrate, you must turn your ringer mode to vibrate, not silenced.

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