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GVSC Background

GVSC, Inc. was founded in 1986 by Bo McIlvain and Randolf Chang, who recognized that systems development and support was a distraction for most businesses from their core objectives. In fact, most executives in 1986 viewed computer systems as arcane intrusions into what used to be a simple relationship between an enterprise and its customers. Despite this, there are few things which have improved the productivity of business since 1986 than the penetration of computer systems technology into every aspect of business operations.

Furthermore, we recognized at the time that true expertise in systems development is a very rare talent. This is perhaps an even bigger problem today than it was in 1986. A truly talented programmer can vastly out-perform an ordinary one: the difference can be as dramatic as the difference between someone who can barely whistle a tune compared to a pipe organ virtuoso. The reason for this disparity is simple: programming, like whistling, is easy to learn how to do poorly. Doing it well requires both an enormous dedication to the task and years of experience.

This tremendous difference can make the use of an expert very cost effective, as the expert will finish a project in a small fraction of the time others may require, while producing a product which is highly functional and difficult to break.

GVSC's focus is always on the client. A GVSC consultant is a committed member of the client's team, and this typically leads to long term relationships. GVSC's two most recent clients have been clients for 23 and 5 years of continuous assignments.

Great Valley Systems Consultants, Inc.
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