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Services Offered

Software Development & Support

GVSC develops many different kinds of software: easy to use GUI based interactive databases, real-time event driven software, client/server applications, single use data conversions for software upgrades, web-based applications, and mathematical models and simulations. We also provide administrative support and troubleshooting of networks and systems.

Real-time Event Driven Software

GVSC has participated in the design and implementation of several major real-time systems. These systems have included:

  • OPC based paper steam plant fuzzy logic control and optimization systems.
  • OPC based control, data acquisition, graphical display and analysis system for electric quadrupole mass spectrometers.
  • Truck loading rack control systems for oil pipeline terminals and refineries.
  • SCADA system interfaces.
  • Image processing systems.
  • Operating system device drivers.

Client/Server Software

Client/Server software developed by GVSC includes:

  • GVSC's ODBC Relay Agent middleware server which allows legacy systems to use clear-text TCP/IP queries to retrieve or store data in ODBC compliant databases. This allows older systems like VMS, Unix or MVS to query SQL Server databases, for example.
  • A middleware server developed for a pipeline company to export all data from a pipeline SCADA control system to networked server where client accounting programs retrieve metering, delivery and injection events, thus isolating the critical pipeline control system from possible adverse interference from adjunct programming.
  • An automatic fax transmission system for pipeline documents like delivery tickets and schedules. Over the lifetime of this file server client system, over 1.5 million documents were faxed without user intervention.
  • Many special purpose SQL Server client applications, in technologies ranging from C++ to Visual Basic and .NET, and using SQL servers from Microsoft, DEC, Oracle and others.

GUI Based Interactive Databases

GVSC has developed a wide variety of custom MS Access  and web served databases for client law firms. These databases have been used to manage change control for IT departments, provide content management for Internet and intranet web sites, catalogue contracts, manage estates and wills, track the productivity of document production staff, keep many third-party software packages aware of current clients/matters, manage CLE seminar offerings and many more.

Single Use Data Conversions

GVSC is frequently called upon by our clients to assist is one-off tasks like converting data from an old software package to a new one, to provide data to a third party, or to merge the data of a recently acquired company into the acquiring company's systems. These types of single use programs can dramatically reduce the cost of upgrading software.

Web-based Applications

GVSC has a wide experience in developing web-based applications in ASP and .NET technologies. These range from Internet websites to custom web-based client/server applications on clients' intranets. Some of these custom applications have included:

  • A calendar application for a client's marketing department.
  • A generic database driven questionnaire application - the database holds both the questionnaires and user responses.
  • A website which offers course registration for CLE seminars.

Mathematical Models and Simulations

GVSC consultants have developed several mathematical models for both academia and industry including:

  • A numerical polytropic model of stellar envelope ejections during supernova events.
  • A chemical kinetic hydrodynamic model of a petroleum refinery fluidized catalytic cracking unit. This project included use of non-linear parameter estimation techniques to fit over 700 free parameters in the model to experimental data.
  • A simple simulation of a petroleum product pipeline as networked queues of incompressible fluid volumes to support a scheduling system for an arbitrary pipeline network.

Systems Support

GVSC consultants have acted as system administrators and 24x7 support for mission-critical systems. Operating systems supported include Windows (Active Directory, DNS & WINS, DHCP, SMTP, NTP, etc.), SCO Unix, VMS & DSM (MUMPS). We have provided installation and upgrade support for Symantec Antivirus, and assisted clients with virus infection recovery. Our most challenging support assignments have been for mission-critical application support, where outages in excess of 2 hours could result in profit losses of over $10,000.00 per hour. In over 10 years of support of such systems, this type of outage never occurred.

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